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Solkoll does not speak or write German (well not much) and reads it wery porly. But at times he adds a interwiki-link to de:. He rather writes in the Swedish wikipedia because that is his native language. But, as you can see from this text, he does also speak English rather well and therefore he also writes at the English wikipedia, Commons, Meta, wikibooks wiktionary, wikinews, ...

Sierpinski tetrahedron (Detail).jpg
Fraktal,, is my hobby and I'm creating images of these, (as the one above) and also new fraktal-sets and new methods of creating fractals. To download my latest demo, (creates 3D Julia-Menge from IFS) then go to 3djulia.htm or for the latest latest, (creates fractal 3D drachenkurve Trees), go to 3dtree.htm

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