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WikiTrust is a visualisation of a page's history. It shows for every word which user wrote it.

Diagram of WikiTrust

Collaborativetrust server WikiTrust Logo The Collaborativetrust server from University of California Santa Cruz uses Wikipedia's database to create a special WikiTrust markup that contains of a page's wikitext and informations about the appertaining revisions.
SURE cache server SURE database The SURE server connects Collaborativetrust with the user's browser, running on the Toolserver. It complements Collaborativetrust's data with detailled meta information from Wikipedia's API about the revisions and authors. The result is a very compressed format called "sequences". An internal cache keeps the access times as low as possible.

SURE uses the recent changes of Wikipedia to keep the cache up to date. If the user needs sequences about a revision that is not in the cache, for example an old revision, SURE will generate the sequences immediately. The sequences have 5 - 10% of the page's size. For a user who has activated WikiPraise all the time the traffic will not increase significantely.

WikiPraise UserScript WikiTrust shows authors and versions of pages. Who wrote what? This script shows the editors of the pages. When the user clicks on a word a box opens with date, name and some links. Simultaneously all parts written in the same revision are highlighted blue. When Wikipedia is used as usual the script won't change anything and will be invisible.

A bit more complex is the list of authors. All authors of the article are listed, sorted by the number of letters they contributed. Clicking on an author will highlight all the corresponding text in red.