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Note: I would like to explain to the local community my recent actions on this project, in case anyone comes here wondering about it. Recently, I found myself locked out of my dewiki account, something for which I had no possible reason except to think that my account here had been breached somehow. It might have been that I forgot to rotate my old password, which used to be relatively weak, and someone figured it out and, although not having used the account, scrambled its password. Yesterday, I asked a local Bureaucrat, via e-mail (in an attempt to get a response as quickly as possible), to perform the actions I just have. But since the Bureaucrat didn't respond until 13:40 UTC today, I decided that the emergencial aspect of the situation demanded that quick action was taken to prevent any possible security breach.
I am a Steward of the Foundation, so I granted myself admin and bcrat access on this wiki in order to rename and block the old account indefnitely, thus preventing it from being used in the future, and rename the emergency account I had to create to my standard username. I removed the temporary rights immediately after, and the whole situation probably took no more than 2 minutes.
In any event, I would like to apologize to this community for any inconvenience that this might have caused, and to ensure you all that this was an unique instance, in which an emergency had to be dealt with. I remain at your disposal for any further questions, although what I've just written covers exactly what happened. Once again, I'm sorry for any inconvenience. Regards, Redux 15:58, 2. Aug. 2007 (CEST)

Hi, Redux! We have only two bureaucrats in de. Next time please send two emails. -- sk 16:22, 2. Aug. 2007 (CEST)
Hi. Yes, that was my intention yesterday. But 2 things happened: 1) As I mentioned, I was locked out of my dewiki account, so I e-mailed Diederich from The thing is, your account on does not have e-mail enabled, so I was only able to e-mail Diederich, who has e-mail enabled on 2) At that moment, I was hoping to avoid creating a second account with a temporary name, since that would force a second rename (I was hoping that the original account would be renamed and I'd be able to recreate the account "Redux" directly) and put extra stress on the servers. Since Diederich didn't reply within the first day and I was unable to get a developer to try and fix the password scramble on the server directly, I considered that it was an unnecessary risk for this project to prolongue the uncertainty any longer. Once again, sorry for the inconvenience. Redux 18:53, 2. Aug. 2007 (CEST)

Hi Redux,

i found a link to a hacked site on the english wiki ( The external link in that articele on Hering led to a list of very strange other links and the site also uses a kind of wiki-style. Because i don´t have an account on the english wiki i wrote to you. Südwestdeutschland 23:50, 28. Nov. 2007 (CET)