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Wie wird ein Archiv angelegt?

Provinzial (Versicherung) und Karte der Geschäftsgebiete der öffentlichen Versicherer[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Hallo Chumwa, jetzt ist meine Bitte in deinem Archiv verschwunden, ohne dass etwas passiert ist. PNW und PRV sind inzwischen fusioniert und haben einen eigenen Artikel im ANR. Hast du das noch auf dem Schirm? Danke! --Watzmann praot 00:00, 18. Dez. 2020 (CET)

Hello, about File:Map of the Great Wall of China.jpg[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Hello, I noticed that there might be some mistakes of Chinese names in this map. First is Xuanfu, it should be "宣府" (now 宣化), rather than "宣撫", Second is Jizhou, it is "薊州" (now 薊州), not "冀州". It seems like there was no places named as "宣撫" in history, and there is also no cities called "冀州" at Ming dynasty. --Vikarna (Diskussion) 12:52, 23. Apr. 2021 (CEST)

Regarding File:ÖPNV-Systeme_in_China.png[Quelltext bearbeiten]


First of all, thank you so much for making this map. However, I noticed a critical mistake here. On the top right corner of the map, Jixi is placed on the position of Tonghua. So, I am pretty confused which city actually has the trolleybus system. In addition, I did not find any sources on whether there exists a trolleybus system for either city. Could you double check on this? Thank you so much!

File:Israel Railways Map (en).png[Quelltext bearbeiten]


Firstly, I'd like to say that that's a good quality map.

Secondly, as you can see on the link below, there's been some changes in the system since you uploaded your file. Namely, the Night-train from Tel-Aviv/Jaffa to Beersheba passes through the airport and city of Lod now, instead of going down along the coast.

Latest Map

Do you mind updating your map? Nima Farid (Diskussion) 06:00, 30. Apr. 2021 (CEST)

Wadi Halfa needs your help if you can[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Thank you for your work to display the new map in the old map of the north villages of wadi Halfa in this link of yours

Can you please have any map that display the rest of wadi Halfa villages south of wadi Halfa or south of your map displaying the flood This is the last map of wadi Halfa villages from Faras to Dal

Your work will help us to save the past and the future of our existence

My name is Ahmed Bakri from Gemai Wadi Halfa, Genoa area started from Shoboka and Murshid to After Abka and end in place names Abuseer, I hope you can display the currentflooding map with the old map displaying my hometown atleast This is my phonenumber including whatsapp 00249929711998 And this is my facebook account (nicht signierter Beitrag von Ibn Afan (Diskussion | Beiträge) 15:38, 4. Mai 2021 (CEST))

Karte der Feuerwehr in Frankfurt am Main[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Hallo, kannst du die Karte der Feuerwehr in Frankfurt am Main anpassten. Änderungen liegen bei Kartenwünschen--Vielen Dank und Grüße Woelle ffm (Uwe) (Diskussion) 21:59, 7. Mai 2021 (CEST)