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Reid Paley (* in Brooklyn, New York City) ist ein US-amerikanischer Rockmusiker. Er sang zunächst für eine Band namens The Five, die er in den 1980ern in Pittsburgh und Boston gegründet hatte. Er trat später solo auf, begleitete seinen Gesang mit einer Gitarre von Gretsch (1955) und einem Verstärker der Firma Fender (1965).

Nach einer Debütsingle produzierte Frank Black mit ihm zusammen 1999 das Album Lucky's Tune. Darauf folgte 2000 das Album Revival, produziert von Eric Drew Feldman, begleitet von Robert Lee Oliver am 3-String Bass und James Murray am Trap Kit, mit denen er das Reid Paley Trio bildete. 2007 folgte das Album Approximate Hellhound, produziert von Reid Paley, begleitet von Eric Eble am Czechoslovakian Upright Bass und James Murray.

Reid Paley hat seinen Lebensmittelpunkt in Brooklyn, New York.

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Reid Paley fand in der Presse viele positive Rezeptionen:

  • "A voice to turn good girls bad...Maybe crazy but damn exciting." --The Village Voice
  • "A proudly weird talent with a nervy raw appeal." --Time Out New York
  • "Straightforward, sarcastic, funny and gifted at putting a song together." --New York Press
  • "Put simply, the Reid Paley Trio knows how to get down. He's got mischief in his eye, Elvis in his joints, and booze everywhere else." --NYRock
  • "Reduce-you-to-tears razor wit...Reid Paley ought to be a household name." --Pittsburgh City Paper
  • "Everyone has a favorite drinking album. Right now, mine is REVIVAL." --Seattle Weekly
  • "Best 50 Albums of the Year" --Alternative Press
  • "For fans of churlish honesty and unaffected one-man shows, REVIVAL is a nonstop riot." --San Francisco Weekly
  • "More messy jazz from a drunken genius." --City Life, Manchester UK
  • "A soot-black sense of humor as biting as an underfed Rottweiler." --Cleveland Free Times
  • "Best Of Manhattan" --New York Press
  • "An unholy howl of a voice." --CMJ
  • "One of the East Coast's best-kept secrets, his wryly misanthropic schtick is all his own. Live, he is the Bill Hicks of the blues. You need to see him." --What's On In London
  • Four Stars --GermanRollingStone
  • "As Baudelaire was the spleen of Paris, Reid Paley is the spleen of New York... How else could he write such messianic blues, such prophetic rock 'n' roll?" Rue, Paris
  • "Though records like Revival drip with talent, sweat and humor, live is the way to experience Paley." --The Village Voice
  • "Actually, it's more than one date with this vampiric Brooklyn songwriter - it's four. And lucky us. Paley lives on the darker side of Saturday night, his witty ballads backed by a Czechoslovakian upright bass, a trap kit, and a voice that sounds like a bag of gravel in a blender. Just remember - his drawl is worse than his bite." --City Life, Manchester UK
  • "A great musical attraction...a sort of Sinatra for the disaffected." --Mississippi Reflector
  • "Reid Paley is the kind of artist Seattle loves." --The Stranger
  • "Paley's bare-boned and bloody-knuckled approach grabs you like a shot of tequila that's gone down the wrong pipe." --Aquarian Weekly
  • "A jarring reminder of what rock'n'roll once was and could be again." --The Washington Times
  • "For all his simplicity, Reid is like nobody else." --Seattle Weekly
  • "What? You want some kind of description of the artist and his music? Just fucking listen to the guy and enjoy his prowess." -- Frank Black

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  • Time For You/The Best Of All, Sub Pop vinyl single, 1996, Produziert von James Murray
  • Lucky's Tune, LP, 1999, produziert von Frank Black
  • Revival, LP, 2000, produziert von Eric Drew Feldman - die LP für den europäischen Markt von 2001 enthält 4 Songs der ersten LP als Bonus Tracks
  • Approximate Hellhound, LP, 2007, produziert von Reid Paley

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