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Search[edit source]

You can use wildcards (* or %) in your search expression. Examples:

ohio* - shows all pages that begin with ohio
User:* - shows all pages of users
list*episodes*  - shows all pages that begin with "list" and contain "episodes"

Search is merely restricted in main table (menu "Home") where leading wildcards are omitted.

  • search expressions are not case-sensitive
  • blanks are automatically replaced by underscores (_)

TOP 100,000 lists[edit source]

The TOP-Lists:

  • Overall
  • User
  • Talk
  • Portal
  • Project
  • Commons & File
  • Special pages
  • Help pages
  • Thanks

are created by aggregation on the basis of monthly hits (month) respectively hourly hits (Today).

Aggregation by the month[edit source]

At the end of each month a complete aggregation of all hits per day is performed. The chart toppers are selected in each category. (all languages and projects, max. 100,000 entries per category).

Aggregation by the hour (HOT Today)[edit source]

Subsequent to the hourly import of the raw datasets all hits so far are added up. Pages are in selection if they reached once 10 or more hits per hour. (all languages and projects, max. 100,000 entries per category).

24-hour statistics[edit source]

24-hour statistics are generated if a page reaches 50 or more hits per day. They can be accessed by clicking at the chart bar of that day.

NOTE this function appears to be disabled.

My favs[edit source]

This feature shows the hit ratio of a link collection stored on (user) pages. It is important that these link collections are placed within sections or subsections of the page; represented in the URL by "#" . Example:

Section:  My fav articles

This URL can be configured in menu »settings« VisualEditor - Icon - Settings.svg.

  • If the section header contains special characters (%,$,& etc.) it is recommended to use the table of contents (TOC) to obtain section's url. At this palace there's a special representation of these characters. ("."). See: HTML-Entities
  • Favorites resp. pre-configured lists may also be invoked by url parameters favurl and section → Url parameters
  • For more examples see: Wiki_ViewStats/Example

Url parameters[edit source]

All program options can be preset by url parameters. Therefor these statements are appended to base url: . Example:

The complete list of url parameters can be found at: Wiki ViewStats/URL-Parameter

Disambiguation[edit source]

If a disambiguation page is selected, a notification link is shown below the chart graphics. By clicking it all linked pages and their hit ratios are shown.

Further features for handling of disambiguations:

Update and time designation[edit source]

  • Updates are performed hourly according to the availability of the dumps. Usually these dumps appear approx. 35 minutes after their respective period. Import and integration into Wiki ViewStats take about 10 minutes. (Ex.: 11:00 o'clock dump is available ≈ 11:35 and fully imported ≈ 11:45 )
  • Exception is the update at 00:00 o'clock. Because daily aggregation takes place the import is carried along with the dump at 01:00 o'clock.
  • All time designations are Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Autofilter[edit source]

With this option activated, some technical entries are filtered. Examples:

  • api.php
  • index.html
  • Special:CentralAutoLogin/createSession
  • Special:CentralAutoLogin/start
  • w/index.php
  • Wsearch.php

(default = checked)

Privacy[edit source]

Cookie[edit source]

  • With configuration of custom settings a cookie namend vwsettings will be set. Content (sample):
1.) GUI language 2.) Wiki language version 3.)  Wiki project 4.) my fav link 5.)  show debug 6.) chart color fill 7.) cahrt color stroke (%0A as separator)
  • This cookie can be deleted at any time.

Logfiles[edit source]

  • The web logs are anonymized in accordance with the Wikimedia Foundation’s privacy policy. Each user IP address will appear to be that of the local host.[1]

Figures[edit source]

raw datasets per hour ≈ 7 million
raw datasets per day ≈ 170 million
datasets per day, aggregated ≈ 70 million
datasets per day, aggregated, > 2 hits ≈ 42 million
datasets per day, 24-h statistics ≈ 1.1 million
new page titles per day ≈ 500,000
datasets increase per month ≈ 1.2 billion
duration of hourly import + HOT Today statistics ≈ 10 minutes
duration of aggregation by the day ≈ 2 hours
duration of aggregation by the month + TOP 100,000 statistics   ≈ 5 hours

Annotations[edit source]

Dumps: 2013-07-23 21:00 – 2013-07-24 14:00 did not contain any data.

Version history[edit source]

  • + "30-days" to date select
  • integration of "HOT Today" into TOP lists
  • new SQL procedure for hourly hotlists
  • + help (de)
  • bugfix date select
  • + help (en)
0.92  (3. November 2013)
  • + project-totals (all languages)
  • + personal color settings
  • + short url-parameters
0.95  (12. November 2013)
  • fix sum 24-h stats
  • + periods 60, 90 days
  • + global site stats
  • + global site detail infos
0.99  (06. Dezember 2013)
  • multiple minor fixes
  • further validation
  • + swedish help
  • + russian help
  • + french help
  • + wikiThanks
  • + My Contributions
1.01  (23. Dezember 2013)
  • completely rewritten
  • multiple minor fixes
  • + pink color scheme
  • + category bots / scripts
  • + Comparison of multiple pages

Developers[edit source]

Software HedonilTechnical 13
Russisch (русский) VoevodaOkras
Schwedisch (Svenska) LZ6387JopparnWikiPhoenix
Spanisch (Español) StauffenFitoschidoKingpowlVegaDark
Polnisch (Polski) WTMWiochman
Niederländisch (Dutch) RomaineSPQRobinJurgenNL
Italienisch (Italiano) VituzzuIlarioBeta16Ontsed
Chinesisch (中文) ShizhaoIngochinaLiuxinyu970226
Japanisch (日本語) Dr. KotoShirayuki
Telugu (తెలుగు) రహ్మానుద్దీన్
Katalanisch (Català) Vriullop
Amharic (አማርኛ) Codex Sinaiticus
Deutsch Metalhead64
Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ) VASANTH S.N.
Luxembourgish (Lëtzebuergesch) Robby
Brazilian Portuguese (português do Brasil) Luckas
Breton (brezhoneg) Fohanno
Chechen (нохчийн) Умар
Hebrew (עברית) Amire80
Korean (한국어) Hym411아라
Macedonian (македонски) Bjankuloski06
Portuguese (português) Imperadeiro98
Turkish (Türkçe) Incelemeelemani
Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt) Minh Nguyen

Reference[edit source]

  1. Tools Help: Weblogs