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My main userpage is at en:User:MTC. “MTC” is my global Wikimedia account.

The “MTC” account here is the only account that prevents my global account from being complete. As of 2015-03-19, seven of these nine contributions are actually mine, and have been imported from the English Wikipedia, only the two contributions on 2006-07-22 are not mine. In 2008, I requested usurpation (that’s what the English Wikipedia calls it) of the MTC account, this was added to the list of requests that cannot be fulfilled without a policy change.

Now, as I write this in 2015, the SUL finalization process has begun, and a notice has been placed at the top of that list stating that renaming requests can now be handled globally, so I will shortly be posting a renewed request to the relevant page on metawiki, so that hopefully by the time the SUL finalization process is complete, all of my edits and only my edits across all Wikimedia projects will be attributed to “MTC”.