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Vector image of a 24 in by 25 in (600 mm by 635 mm) California State Route shield. Colors are from [1] (Pantone Green 342), converted to RGB by [2]. The outside border has a width of 1 (1/16 in) and a color of black so it shows up; in reality, signs have no outside border.

Quelle Made to the specifications of the 1971 Caltrans sign drawing (still in use). Uses the Roadgeek 2005 fonts. (United States law does not permit the copyrighting of typeface designs, and the fonts are meant to be copies of a U.S. Government-produced work anyway.)
Urheber SPUI
Public domain This file is in the public domain because it comes from the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, sign number G28-2 (CA), which states specifically in its introduction, on page 54 that:
Any traffic control device design or application provision contained in this Manual shall be considered to be in the public domain. Traffic control devices contained in this Manual shall not be protected by a patent, trademark, or copyright, except for the Interstate Shield and any items owned by FHWA. The California Department of Transportation logos consisting of the “CT” symbol and the “Caltrans” logotype are registered service marks and when used on any traffic control device they shall be presented in a uniform and consistent manner as outlined in the Department’s Deputy Directive DD-33-R1.
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aktuell19:18, 20. Mär. 2006Vorschaubild der Version vom 20. März 2006, 19:18 Uhr449 × 401 (14 KB)SPUI~commonswiki{{spuiother}} 28 in by 25 in California State Route shield, made to the specifications of the [http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/traffops/signtech/signdel/specs/G28-2.pdf 1971 Caltrans sign drawing] (still in use). Uses the [http://www.triskele.com/fonts/index.htm

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