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This is a bot owned by it:Utente:Alleborgo.

ATTENTION! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

This bot use pywikipedia framework to put interwiki links on many languages in autonomous mode. I'll try to explain how it works:

  1. The bot checks every page of a specific language (tipically my language: italian)
  2. It will read each page and if it has any interwiki-links, it will check those pages as well, and the interwiki-links from those, and so on.
  3. After it has finished that, it will do the following thing to the pages found:
  • If the page has no interwiki links, or if the links found are the same as the ones on the page, the bot will do nothing.
  • If the bot finds more than one page for a language, it won't do nothing.
  • If the bot finds interwiki links to new languages, or finds that an interwiki-link has to be changed, it will do so.

So, if someone puts a link on the page "Black" on English Wikipedia to German "Jellow" page (for example adding at the end of the page [[de:Jellow]]) the bot will automatically add to the german page "Jellow" a wrong link to the English Wikipedia. So, please, make attention on this! This is not my fault! This is a mistake made by someone else! So, if you found this kind problem you only have to rollback every wrong link on all the wikipedias linked in the page (if necessary), that's it! The bot will never found again the wrong link and will never put wrong links again (if someone don't revert your rollback). This is how all Bots work, not only mine. Regards.