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Ralph Ehrlich , 45 Jahre , wohnhaft in Berlin , HIV-Positiv Positivensprecher der Berliner Aids-Hilfe e.V. und Vereinsmitglied Fördermitglied Teddy Award Teammitglied B42 Mitglied Denk mal posithiv e.V.

Website : Ralph Ehrlich, a 45-year-old Berliner, has been HIV+ since 1995. He is a member of Berliner Aids-Hilfe (Aids Foundation Berlin, Germany) until 2004. As the HIV+ spokesman for the German Aids Board (BAH e.V.), a position he has held since 2005, he has appeared on Tagesschau, a major German news programme, and has also written newspaper articles for Süddeutsche Zeitung and Bild – Zeitung, describing his experience of living with HIV. He has been involved in organising meetings including HIV im Dialog 2007 and 2008 (a congress for healthcare professionals and the HIV community in Berlin), Positivenplenum, and other local events such as Christopher Street Day and the Teddy – Queer Film Award. His main focus is on the prevention and management of HIV/AIDS, and he is involved with bodies lobbying for HIV+ people. He is also interested in HIV in the field of labour/work management for HIV+ people as well as HIV in the public media.