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E-Mail Diskussion Beiträge Vertrauen Aktivitäten
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My name is Olivier Georges André Ruiz, I am a student in Master Biodiversity in Germany in the universities Duisburg-Essen and Bochum an der Ruhr. I really started editing wikipedia pages not so long ago (2017) because I was just tired. Tired of sources and comma missing or simply small mistakes everywhere in texts like double blanks (see what I mean, irritating isn't it?). My superpower is to see mistakes that others make when writting.
My weakness? Not always seeing my own... I know, ridiculous right? Anyway, I might be more active in the future but let's be honest. There is sooooo much to do out there on the internet. Especially if you are the kind of person filling Data bases. It is highly unlikely that I will write entire neu pages on wiki (what? Ideas of new pages are now flowing through my mind like a torrent going done the mountain... arf!).

Only the future will tell I guess...