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"Cape York" is not "offizieller name" of "Ahnighito-Meteorit". "Ahnighito" (31 MT) is only a fragment of "Cape York" meteorite (total weight 58.2 MT). I suggest to modify the content of this article accordingly. Basilicofresco 13:57, 29. Jun. 2008 (CEST)

Of course Ahnighito is only one fragment of Cape York meteorite. Therefore the official name of Ahnighito is Cape York. NHM: The Catalogue of Meteorites: 'Ahnighito' is a synonym of Cape York http://www.nhm.ac.uk/jdsml/research-curation/projects/metcat/detail.dsml?Key=A550&passed_Name=Ahnighito&index=&Name=ahnighito&sort=Name&Nameqtype=starts+with&beginIndex=0&listPageURL=list%2edsml%3fName%3dahnighito%26sort%3dName%26Nameqtype%3dstarts%2bwith&searchPageURL=indexsing%2edsml%3fName%3dahnighito%26sort%3dName%26Nameqtype%3dstarts%2bwith --Axarches 06:08, 30. Jun. 2008 (CEST)