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Literatur etc.[Quelltext bearbeiten]

falls wer den Literaturabschnitt bearbeiten will: das berühmteste Beispiel dürfte das beste Buch aller Zeiten sein, nämlich Henry Adams Autobiographie. Wird auch bei Thomas Pynchons fabelhaftem Roman V. aufgegriffen, wo es über den Protagonisten heißt:

„Herbert Stencil, like small children at a certain stage and Henry Adams in the Education, as well as assorted autocrats since time out of mind, always referred to himself in the third person. This helped "Stencil" appear as only one among a repertoire of identities. "Forcible dislocation of personality" was what he called the general technique, which is not exactly the same as "seeing the other fellow's point of view"; for it involved, say, wearing clothes that Stencil wouldn't be caught dead in, eating foods that would have made Stencil gag, living in unfamiliar digs, frequenting bars or cafes of a non-Stencilian character; all this for weeks on end; and why? To keep Stencil in his place: that is, in the third person.“

So long, --Janneman (Diskussion) 13:18, 2. Mai 2012 (CEST)

Politik[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Mir war nicht bewusst, dass Stefan Petzner häufig Illeismen verwendet, obwohl ich Österreicher bin. Quelle bzw. Beispiel? 19:01, 24. Sep. 2013 (CEST)

Rap[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Im Rap wird Illeismus zuhauf praktiziert. -- 11:12, 1. Aug. 2017 (CEST)