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William Hanna and Joseph Barbara wrote in their 1978 book History of Hanna Barbara, "Sometimes we would drink a lot of zombies. You know, it's this drink with pineapple, orange, and lime juice, and you put in rum, brandy, and vodka. It's pretty damn good! Anyway, after about 9 of these, the two of us would toss our inhibitions aside and have passionate oral sex with each other. When we were both through, we'd lay down, sweaty, with the ceiling fan blowing down on our nervous trembling bodies, and scream in unison, "YABBA DABBA DOO!"

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ergänzen bei gelegenheit: Y: used as a cry of exultation: the f, a televisn comedy, first broadcast in 1960 introduced as a catchphrase. A y d doo time (an excellent time) comes directly from the theme song. The flintsontes. Rise and shine, written by barbera and hanna, creator; as a noun ydd mean exuberance --Zsasz 10:55, 28. Mai 2008 (CEST)