Jimmy Campbell

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Jimmy Campbell (* 4. Januar 1944 in Liverpool; † 12. Februar 2007 ebenda) war ein englischer Musiker, Sänger und Songwriter aus Liverpool.

Er war Mitglied verschiedener Bands zu Zeiten des Merseybeats. Er spielte bei den Rockin’ Horse, The Kirkbys und in der Band The 23rd Turnoff und veröffentlichte drei Soloalben unter eigenen Namen. Jimmy Campbell war verheiratet und hat eine Tochter.

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THE KIRKBYS 'Cos My Baby's Gone / She'll Get No Lovin' That Way 1965 / 7" single / RCA FAS 947 (Finland)

THE KIRKBYS Don't You Want Me No More / Bless You 1965 / 7" single / RCA FAS 948 (Finland)

THE KIRKBYS It's A Crime / I've Never Been So Much In Love 1966 / 7" single / RCA 1542

THE 23RD TURNOFF Michael Angelo / Leave Me Here 1967 / 7" single / Deram DM 150

JIMMY CAMPBELL Son Of Anastasia* When I Sit Down To Reason* Mother's Boy* Another Vincent Van Gogh* Penny In My Pocket* Bright Side Of The Hill* Dear Marge* Lyanna* They All Came Marching Home* On A Monday* Lovely Elisa Cope Is Dead* You'll Break My Heart In Two* Tremendous Commercial Potential* Adrian Henri's Party Night* Another Springtime's Passed Me By* Michelangelo* Painting A Song* 1969 / LP / Fontana STL 5508

JIMMY CAMPBELL On A Monday / Dear Marge 1969 / 7" single / Fontana TF 1009

JIMMY CAMPBELL Lyanna / Frankie Joe 1970 / 7" single / Fontana TF 1076

JIMMY CAMPBELL Don't Leave Me Now / So Lonely Without You 1970 / 7" single / Fontana 6007 025

JIMMY CAMPBELL Half Baked* Green Eyed American Actress* Loving You Is All I Do* So Lonely Without You* In My Room* That's Right That's Me* I Will Not Mind* Dulcie It's December* Forever Grateful* Half Baked* Closing Down The Shop* Don't Leave Me Now* 1970 / LP / Vertigo 6360 010

ROCKIN' HORSE Yes It Is* Biggest Gossip In Town* Oh Carol, I'm So Sad* You're Spending All My Money* Baby Walk Out With Your Darlin' Man* Don't You Ever Think I Cry* Yes It Is* Stayed Out Late Last Night* Delicate Situation* Son, Son* Golden Opportunity* I'm Trying To Forget You* Julian The Hooligan* 1971 / LP / Philips 6308 075

ROCKIN' HORSE Biggest Gossip In Town / You Say 1971 / 7" single / Philips 6006 156

ROCKIN' HORSE Stayed Out Late Last Night / Julian The Hooligan 1971 / 7" single / Philips 6006 200

JIMMY CAMPBELL Jimmy Campbell's Album* By The Light Of A Lamp* Salvation Army Citadel* Snow Covered Street* Paris, You're In Paris* Darling Sweetheart* April Morning* Something In The Wind* Maudie* Baby Walk Out With Your Darling Man* It's Just Like A Girl* It Never Rains But It Pours* When You're Coming Home* 1972 / LP / Philips 6308 100

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