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The wikipedia-reference-creator is an Firefox AddOn, which allows easy creation of references from websites on right mouse click to the website. It could be installed to Firefox here.

Documentation[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

This AddOn creates wikipedia references from websites on right mouse click to the website. It includes an automatic detection of Google-Books, Amazon, and each other website (as simple ref or web template reference). The result is automatic copied to the clipboard.

Examples[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

  • This Google Book is translated (by menu point create wikipedia reference) to <ref name="Terence Robert Roberts,David Herd Hutson">{{Literatur | Autor = Terence Robert Roberts,David Herd Hutson | Titel = Metabolic Pathways of Agrochemicals: Herbicides and plant growth regulators | Verlag = Royal Society of Chemistry | ISBN = 0854044949 | Jahr = 1998 | Online = {{Google Buch | BuchID = uC2-Ocob_MMC | Seite = 124 }} | Seiten = 124 }}</ref>
  • The Google main page is translated (by create simple wikipedia reference) to <ref name="Source">Source: [ Google]</ref> or to (by create wikipedia reference with template) to <ref name="Source">{{Internetquelle | url= | titel=Google | titelerg= | autor= | hrsg= | werk= | seiten= | datum= | zugriff=July 29 2012 | sprache= | kommentar= | zitat= | offline=}}</ref>

Settings[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

The implementation detects some content und present it via variables. These variables can be added by §variable§ in text prototypes for easy creation of references. To adapt the output to your wishes you can be change the prototypes in the settings page for AddOns (FireFox -> AddOns -> Settings). If you set the prototypes to empty, the preferences is set to a default value at the next start.

For GoogleBook references it provides the status variables GoogleBookId, Page, Title, Author, ISBN and Publisher. Also the current content of the clipboard, the current page title, the current page url and other things can be used.

An example for a simple output can be: <ref name="§WebsiteTitleMainPart§">§WebsiteTitleMainPart§: [§WebsiteUrl§ §WebsiteUrl]</ref>

For example for a correct german reference string you can use the output prototype:

<ref name="§Author§">{{Literatur| Autor=§Author§ | Titel=§Title§ | Verlag=§Publisher§ | ISBN=§ISBN§ | Jahr=§PublicationYear§ | Online={{Google Buch | BuchID=§GoogleBookId§ | Seite=§Page§ }} | Seiten=§Page§ }}</ref>

For example for a correct english reference string for web citation you can use the output prototype:

<ref name="§WebsiteUrlMainPart§">{{cite web |url=§WebsiteUrl§ |title=§WebsiteTitle§ |author=§Selection§ |date= |work= |publisher= |accessdate=§CurrentDate§}}</ref>
<ref name="§WebsiteTitleMainPart§">{{cite web |url=§WebsiteUrl§ |title=§WebsiteTitle§ |author=§Author§§Selection§ |date= |website=§WebsiteUrlMainPart§ |publisher= |accessdate=§CurrentDate§}}</ref>

Overall the following tags can be used:

  • GoogleBookId: Google Book Id
  • Page: Current Page in Google Book
  • Volume: Current volume of book in Google Book
  • Clipboard: current content of the clipboard
  • WebsiteTitle: Title of the current website
  • WebsiteTitleMainPart: (experimental) Identifier Part of the Website (means owner of the Website)
  • WebsiteUrl: URL of the current website
  • WebsiteUrlMainPart: main part of the URL of the current website (for example
  • Title: detected Title of the book or page (depending from current website)
  • Author: detected Author of the book (depending from current website)
  • CurrentDate: the current date in localized format
  • CurrentYear: the current year
  • CurrentMonth: the current month
  • CurrentDay: the current day
  • ISBN: detected ISBN book number of the book (depending from current website)
  • Publisher: detected Publisher of the book (depending from current website)
  • PublicationYear: detected publication year of the book (depending from current website)
  • DOI: detected DOI number of an article (depending from current website)
  • Selection: currently selected text on the website

DOI and PubMed Support[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

The latest release adds support for Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) and Pubmed IDs. Select any DOI/PMID you found on a website, make a right mouse click and choose the DOI/PMID menu item. Now a very helpful (external) website are opened, where a complete reference for this DOI could be copied. Example for DOI 10.1038/35090602.

External Website Support[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

With the version 7.6.5 could the output of one new prototype used to open an external website with the created output (as url). With this functionality it is possible to use external websites for the same behaviour. See for example [[1]]

Version History[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

  • First Release: first version
  • Third Release: v590 first useable version
  • Third Release: bugfix for Athor
  • Third Release: v593: correct /u0026 bug (&)
  • Third Release: v603: Add ""PMID-zu-Wikipedia-Reference-Konverter" support with selected DOI
  • Third Release: v612: fix bug that restart is necessary after settings changed
  • Third Release: v642: smaller Bugfixes (i.e. now setting bug is fixed for all entries) and add WebsiteTitleMainPart (experimental) for better simple references
  • Third Release: v661: remove some prefixes from Author, again fix /u0026 bug, Add . to letter of first name of Author, fix some wrong detection of Author
  • Third Release: v666: Bugfix for wrong order of menu item with selection, fix author break in some cases, Use simple prefs while click on addon item in AddOn-Bar (useful if pdf is shown inline)
  • Third Release: v760: Add volume detection and rework of documentation
  • Third Release: v761: Fix not working detection in https sites
  • Third Release: v762: Fix for isbn on google books
  • Third Release: v763: Deactivate console logging
  • Third Release: v764: Fix clipping of title in long titles, added correct hyphenation of isbn number
  • Third Release: v765: Fix §Selection§ does not work, Add use of outputstring as url for external web tooling (see settings), first steps of localisation (for example menu und currentdate)
  • Third Release: v766: Add support for Firefox 40.0, fix wrong menu items order if text is selected, show output as notification (could be deactivated in settings), external website could be configured and called for creation of reference
  • Third Release: v767: Fix bug in WebsiteUrlMainPart
  • Third Release: v768: Fix bug for (nul) in Selection
  • v8.0: First version for Firefox 57.

Examples for Settings[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

English[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

  • English Cite Web template:
<ref name="§WebsiteUrlMainPart§">{{cite web |url=§WebsiteUrl§ |title=§WebsiteTitle§ |author=§Selection§ |date= |work= |publisher= |accessdate=§CurrentDate§}}</ref>
  • Simple output without template:
<ref>[§WebsiteUrl§ §WebsiteTitle§]</ref>

German[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

  • Prototype with German Literatur-Web-Template:
<ref name="Source">{{Internetquelle | url=§WebsiteUrl§ | titel=§WebsiteTitle§ | titelerg=§Selection§ | autor= | hrsg= | werk= | seiten= | sprache= | kommentar= | zitat= | offline=}}</ref>
  • German Literatur template:
<ref name="§Author§">{{Literatur| Autor=§Author§ | Titel=§Title§ | Verlag=§Publisher§ | ISBN=§ISBN§ | Jahr=§PublicationYear§ | Online={{Google Buch | BuchID=§GoogleBookId§ | Seite=§Page§ }} | Seiten=§Page§ }}</ref>
  • German reference without template:
<ref name="§Author§">§Author§: ''§Title§'', §Publisher§, §PublicationYear§, S. §Page§, ISBN §ISBN§.</ref>

Italian[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

  • Italian Cite Web template:
<ref name="§WebsiteTitleMainPart§">{{cita web|url=§WebsiteUrl§|titolo=§WebsiteTitle§|sito=§WebsiteTitleMainPart§|accesso=§CurrentDate§}}</ref>
  • Italian book template
<ref name="§Author§">{{cita libro|autore=§Author§|titolo=§Title§|editore=§Publisher§|ISBN=§ISBN§|anno=§PublicationYear§|pagina=§Page§|url=§WebsiteUrl§|lingua=}}</ref>

Full test example[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

"GoogleBookId": §GoogleBookId§;"Volume": §Volume§ ;"Page": §Page§ ;"Clipboard": §Clipboard§ ;"WebsiteTitle": §WebsiteTitle§ ;"WebsiteTitleMainPart":§WebsiteTitleMainPart§ ;"WebsiteUrl": §WebsiteUrl§;"WebsiteUrlMainPart": §WebsiteUrlMainPart§;"Title": §Title§;"TitleMainPart": §TitleMainPart§;"Author": §Author§;"CurrentDate": §CurrentDate§;"CurrentYear": §CurrentYear§;"CurrentMonth": §CurrentMonth§;"CurrentDay": §CurrentDay§;"ISBN": §ISBN§;"Publisher": §Publisher§;"PublicationYear": §PublicationYear§;"DOI": §DOI§;"Selection": §Selection§