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I think German Wikipedians will find this interesting. I hope that a translated version can be created.--Jimbo Wales (Diskussion) 21:35, 28. Aug. 2014 (CEST)Antworten[Antworten]

German speaking WP was a small township and has grown up to a huge city. We don't want to be obedient stupid Prussia people, but want to be asked to participate in the decisions. Two things: a) huge city b) critical people.
How do we deal with the relationship between the German-speaking Community and the WMF? The German-speaking people learned Checks and Balances the last 50 years. So they need Checks and Balances structures to work as hard and good as they did in the past. Not less and not more. We are a huge city and critical people. So be so kind and be kind youself. How? Ask Southpark. Did you read his slides? --Pacogo7 (Diskussion) 00:22, 29. Aug. 2014 (CEST)Antworten[Antworten]
+1 --Trollflöjten-Disk. αω 15:55, 28. Sep. 2016 (CEST)Antworten[Antworten]