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German translation of the article[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Hello. I'm very happy to see the article I wrote on en:wikipedia translated into German, but could someone explain why it shows my user name on the "Versionsgeschichte" as the creator? I did not translate it. Brigade Piron (Diskussion) 16:26, 12. Sep. 2013 (CEST)

I thought maybe I can do you a favor with this because I cant actively participate in the Belgian MilHist Task Force in en:Wiki. For copyright reasons, the original article history has to be imported into translated articles so it shows your versions too. --Bomzibar (Diskussion) 18:52, 12. Sep. 2013 (CEST)
Dear Bomzibar. Thank you for clearing that up. As I said, I'm very flattered to have had a translation done, I just worried that perhaps my account was being used by someone else. Thanks for your work! Best wishes,Brigade Piron (Diskussion) 11:49, 13. Sep. 2013 (CEST)