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To german wikipedia administrators!

Omid Kordestani was born in Tehran according to the sources i will mention. Wrong information shall be removed.

Hi to adminstrator in german wikipedia. omid kordestani was born in tehran. please correct it to tehran. because as cited in his article in english wikipedia, he is from tehran. he is not from any other place. sourceless and wrong information should be removed. according to these reliable sources he was born in tehran. [1] .[2] .[3] [4] --Ukjent (Diskussion) 03:42, 28. Okt. 2015 (CET)

please change birthplace to tehran. tehran is according to the sources the birthplace of kordestani (nicht signierter Beitrag von (Diskussion) 08:52, 28. Okt. 2015 (CET))