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in which people from all over the world offer their geographic knowledge free to use. Der Satz ist schon im Original ziemlich blöd. Es geht nicht um "geographisches Wissen", sondern nur um Geo-Daten. -- 22:25, 11. Nov. 2010 (CET)

Is the osm-map implementation used in English Wikipedia?[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Hi, is there already a OSM map implementation used in English Wikipedia? -- 13:41, 12. Nov. 2010 (CET)

We work on it. In 1-2 weeks we should have it. Kolossos 10:31, 14. Nov. 2010 (CET)
Great! Thank you very much --11:06, 14. Nov. 2010 (CET)
Upps, but I should say that we will start as gadget not as application for everybody so we will have time for further tests . --Kolossos 15:55, 14. Nov. 2010 (CET)
Still can not see any gadget at ENWP.--Kozuch 09:32, 15. Jan. 2012 (CET)
You should move this page to en:Help:OpenStreetMap then. Matthias 17:36, 24. Dez. 2010 (CET)

Can you give a link to a relevant discussion (or project page) in English Wikipedia please? thanks --Kozuch 17:30, 15. Jan. 2011 (CET)

A problem of implementation (plus amother question)[Quelltext bearbeiten]

As an OSM and contributor, I have noticed that the map currently used on Wikipedia is rendered with an old version of the standard OSM renderer (Mapnik). In particular it has problems with handling some areas: just have a look at this map [1]. The natural park in the middle of this view was supposed to be mostly covered with forests (compare with the same view of the OSM website: [2]) but here it's not, probably because the version employed in Wikipedia cannot handle areas whose boundary is not described as a single line, but as a multipolygon where the boundary is obtained from adjoining several lines. The renderer should be updated (or, even better, Wikipedia should get the tiles directly from OSM). Apart from that, I have a question: how long does it take for a geographically referenced page to appear among the links on the map? It's a while ago now that I have added coordinates to a bunch of pages in the Italian wiki but they just don't display on the map!--Decan (Diskussion) 18:33, 6. Mai 2014 (CEST)

Primary coordinates only?[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Hello! Is there a way to only show marks for the primary coordinates of Wikipedia articles on the map? The Danish Wikipedia have some list articles which register so many secondary coordinates that it sometimes clutters the maps, so it would be nice to filter them away. Hope you can help. Best regards, Dipsacus fullonum (Diskussion) 14:08, 9. Feb. 2017 (CET)