Angus Book Award

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Der Angus Book Award ist ein Literaturpreis, der an britische Jugendbuchautoren vom Angus Council in Schottland verliehen wird.


Shortlist: Theresa Breslin, Kezzie; Melvin Burgess, The baby and fly pie; Christa Laird, But can the phoenix sing?; Maggie Prince, Memoirs of a dangerous alien
Shortlist: Gillian Cross, New world; Zoe Halliday, Brother cat, brother man; John Loveday, Goodbye buffalo sky; Catherine MacPhail, Run, Zan, run
Shortlist: Lynne Reid, Banks Broken bridge; Julie Bertagna, The spark gap; Ann Hallam, The power house; Ian Strachan, Which way is home?
Shortlist: Henrietta Branford, Chance of safety; Melvin Burgess, Tiger, tiger; Annie Campling, And the stars were gold; Michael Cronin, Against the day
Shortlist: Bernard Ashley, Tiger without teeth; Gillian Cross, Tightrope; Anthony Masters, Days of the dead; Jenny Nimmo, The Rinaldi ring
Shortlist: Catherine MacPhail, Missing; Beverley Naidoo, The other side of truth; Celia Rees, Truth or dare; Hazel Riley, Thanis
Shortlist: Malachy Doyle, Georgie, Carol Hedges, Jigsaw; Anthony Horowitz, Stormbreaker; Geraldine McCaughrean, The kite rider
Shortlist: Louise Cooper, Demon crossing; Alison Prince, Oranges and murder; Malcolm Rose, Bloodline; Nicky Singer, Feather boy
Shortlist: Julie Bertagna, Exodus; Keith Gray, Malarkey; Philip Reeve, Mortal Engines; Malcolm Rose, Clone
Shortlist: Alison Allen-Gray, Unique; Martin Chatterton, Michigan Moorcroft, R.I.P.; Graham Gardner, Inventing Elliot; Mark Roberts, Tomorrow Belongs to Me
Shortlist: Anne Cassidy, Looking For JJ; Chris d'Lacey, Icefire; Catherine Forde, Skarrs; Beverley Naidoo, Web Of Lies
Shortlist: Theresa Breslin, Divided City; Alan Gibbons, Hold On; Marcus Sedgwick, The Foreshadowing; Sue Mayfield, Damage
Shortlist: Sherry Ashworth, Close-Up; J. A. Henderson, Bunker 10; Anthony McGowan, Henry Tumour; Graham Marks, Omega Place
Shortlist: J. A. Henderson, Crash; James Jauncey, The Witness; Meg Rosoff, What I Was
  • 2010
Shortlist: Kevin Brooks, Black Rabbit Summer; Anna Perera, Guantanamo Boy; Gillian Philip, Crossing the Line; Rachel Ward, Numbers