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John Freind (1675-1728).

John Freind (* 1675 in Croughton in Northamptonshire; † 26. Juli 1728 in London) war ein englischer Arzt.

Sein Bruder war Robert Freind (* 1666/67; † 1751), Headmaster der Westminster School.

John Freind wurde 1712 Fellow of the Royal Society und 1716 des Royal College of Physicians. Er wurde 1722 Member of Parliament for Launceston in Cornwall. 1724 wurde er Arzt des Fürsten von Wales und dessen Familie.

Werke[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

  • An account of the Earl of Peterborow’s conduct in Spain, chiefly since the raising of the siege of Barcelona, 1706. To which is added, the Campagne of Valencia: with original papers. The second edition, corrected. London 1707.
  • Prelectiones chimicae: in quibus omnes fere operationes chymicae ad vera principia et ipsius naturae leges rediguntur 0xonii. Amstelodami: Janssonie-Waesberg, 1710.
  • Dr. Friend's [sic] Epistle to Dr. Mead: rendered faithfully into English: divided into proper chapters: with notes learned and unlearned / John Woodward; John Freind. London: Printed, and sold by J. Roberts … J. Brotherson and W. Meadows … and A. Dodd …, 1719.
  • A Letter to the fatal triumvirate: An answer to that and shewing reasons wyh Dr. Woodward should take no notice of it. London: Bettenham, 1719.
  • A letter to the learned Dr. Woodward [with regard to his book: 'The state of physic'] / [J. Byfielde, pseud. for John Freind]. London 1719.
  • The history of physick; from the time of Galen, to the beginning of the sixteenth century, … Chiefly with regard to practise… 2 parts. [Part I. The second edition, corrected.]. London 1725–1726.
  • Emmenologia: in qua fluxus muliebris menstrui phaenomena, periodi, vitia, cum medendi methodo, ad rationes mechanicas exiguntur. Amstelaedami: Jansson-Waesberg, 1726.
  • Chymical lectures: in which almost all the operations of chymistry are reduced to their true principles, and the laws of nature. Read in the Museum at Oxford, 1704. 2. Aufl. Lndon [sic] Printed by J.W. for C. Bowyer, 1729.
  • Historia medicinae a Galeni tempore usque ad initium saeculi decimi sexti: in qua ea praecipue notantur quae ad Praxin pertinent / Anglice scripta Ad Ricardum Mead, M.D. Latine conversa a Joanne Wigan, M.D. / Freind, John; Mead, Richard [Übers.]; Wigan, John [Übers.]. The history of physick <lat.>. Lugduni Batavorum: Langerak, 1734.
  • De purgantibus in secunda variolarum confluentium febre adhibendis epistola. Paris 1735.
  • Joannis Freind opera omnia medica. Parisiis: Cavelier, 1735.
  • Chymical lectures in which almost all the operations of chymistry are reduced to their true principles, and the laws of nature. … To which is added, An appendix, containing the account given of this book in the Lipsick acts; together with the author's remarks thereon. 2. Aufl. London: printed for Aaron Ward, and Thomas Longman, 1737.

Literatur[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

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